Thursday, 2 December 2010

Life Goes On

When I was finishing high school I had a Livejournal. At the time, the blog was my means of communication with all the people I knew and now that I don’t have internet at home, it can serve that purpose again.

It’s strange how without internet I am not really talking with anyone outside of work. On one hand that’s fairly normal. People are busy with work and life in general. It can be really hard finding a free slot in two schedules to meet up to chat. Getting more than two people together can be even harder. While instant messengers just let you do your own thing while talking to people. No internet pretty much means I’m not socialising when I’m filling in forms, going through notes or writing down ideas. I can’t say it bothers me that much. Life is actually quite good in general.

I’m quite happy I’ve got a job. Working at Burger King might not be all that noteworthy but it does make me feel better about myself than sitting at home 24/7 and just going through study notes. The simple change that I have income of my own has helped the relationship with my dad tremendously. We don’t get into arguments as often as usual. I don’t feel like I have to throw away everything I’m doing whenever he tells me to do something else and then get shouted and cursed at for approaching the task in a way he would not. It actually feels like he’s a lot more supportive as of late.

The room I’m staying at is expensive but it’s quiet and I have a desk. Just being able to sit down comfortably to work makes a huge difference. Writing is so much nicer that way. The best part, I think, is that I can focus on what’s going on in my life rather than feel like I’m expected to be a caretaker/wife to the benevolent landlord who graciously lets me stay at his home if I take care of it while he can drown his sorrows in alcohol.

Problems are ever present, as always, but right now they feel more like obstacles on a racecourse rather than the Goliath. I’m glad I can fall asleep without locking my door again and that life is moving with a much nicer pace than it used to.


silentblood said...

Good to see that things are looking up! :-)

Lunatyk said...

thanks for the comment

and I'm sorry I'm not really reading your blog... kinda hard to keep up with friends with no means to do so <.<