Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Lack of Time

Why is it that when there is a lot to write about there just doesn't seem to be enough time for it... this is my excuse for why I might disappear from the net soon and why such a late and short update...

Friday - mother and sister arrive, me and a Czech friend (her car) went to pick them up
Saturday - dad arrives, we go visit Brighton
Sunday - we go see Stonehenge and London, due to housemate trouble, they had to leave at 22:00
Monday - Bank holiday, me and sister sat at home and spent the time being siblings!
Tuesday - we go search through Brighton shops
Wednesday - Czech friend comes to take us to a Polish friend, we talked all four about stuff and relaxed, ended the day with searching through Eastbourne shops
Thursday - we stayed at home and were siblings again!
Friday - we went to London to meet Insane Prophet and Revamp, I bought Scion: Hero
Saturday - we were siblings again (sister was recovering from bad feet-pain), parents arrive late in the evening
Sunday - early in the morning dad takes us all to the airport, noon spent flying, rest of day on the road to Białystok
Monday - spent on being with mum and seeing grandpa for a moment
Tuesday - search for books for my sister high school and regaining my sleep pattern which was drained of hours last week
Wednesday - I make talks about a translation job

Right now I am contracted to translate 120 pages of Legends of the Five Rings for the Polish market. I have 2 weeks to be done with it, thus I shall be busy once more...

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