Thursday, 16 November 2006

The Irony that is Life

I got a letter that among many other things, said I am an old fart.

And I must say, it's true.

I don't like the company of my age group, and I don't like anything they consider fun. Dancing, smoking, drinking, listening to music late in the evening, going to parties... it all bores me... it's true that people my age don't like me for this fact...

The letter also said I will never get a girl if I won't go "public"... but the truth is, I am not interested in girls who like parties, since I wouldn't be able to get along with such a person... and I'm even less interested in a relationship that won't last a lifetime. I know some of you think it's foolish and I need to experiment, but that is not me.

Months ago, I did something against myself, just because I thought that is what people do in such a situation... and with it I forgot one of the most crucial things about myself... I am not people.

The fact is, I am fully aware that by being myself I won't achieve my life's goal. Not only that, I accept myself as I am. I really do like having tea with the library director, city president and two university professors more than listening to music with my age group. I also do like to go into the opera or theatre more than going out clubbing and getting drunk. That's probably why I'm so depressed all the time... the plain fact I enjoy spending my time with people younger than 10 and with people older than 30, but I can't stand people my age.

So yeah, I'm an old fart...

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