Saturday, 11 March 2006


I know I haven't updated in a long time, but I have a good reason... yeah, that's it.

Looks like I can't find my poems on paper so they died with my hardrive, that's bad because I had some of my favourites there. I've written a new one and I'm about to write another, so I'm back at two. I could try to recreate my lost ones, but I'm afraid the feeling that drove me into writing them would be artificial this time. A mere memory of passion isn't enough to write.

I'm done reading Werewolf: the Forsaken, it's a great book. Now I read World of Darkness: Chicago when I'm not in front of the PC and Mage: the Awakening when I'm in front of the PC. I really hope the Chicago book will help me with making a city setting for all my games. Which was nigh impossible in oWoD.

But then again, I have school. My biology teacher decided we will have a more difficult ecology test than all the other classes. Which is bad, as the previous one was awfully simple.

My sister is playing a lot of Sims 2 lately, mostly because of the new expansion Open for Business. We had some problems with installing the game, installing stuff from the extra CDs she got and running it. She also had a problem with running a restaurant in the game, so of course I was a bit busy doing the stuff for her. Now, as a payback I proposed a game session. She said yes, but today she silently decided she will play only when the PC explodes, the people running MTV will die in questionable circumstances and her magazines will suddenly burn all by themselves... I went mad... I hate when people brake promises... so I had to roll Manipulation + Persuasion with +1 for acting on her guilt feelings and +1 for comparing her to the "not-cool" side of the family that everyone associates her with versus her Composure + Resolve... looks like I won. And after I explained to her that this will be something like Smallville/Buffy with strange things happening in her small town, and she gets magic powers, she seems to be eager to play... so looks like I'll have a game session Sunday after dinner.

And today I should spend on writing an essay for Polish, doing homework, maybe I'll study some for Biology, I have a book to read for Polish, then I'll translate some poems, clean a bit on my desk and maybe I'll write a poem... I so hate life...

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