Monday, 31 January 2011

Meme Time!

meme stolen off of Cristian...

Day 01 - A moment

I woke up for the New Year feeling really, really hot... didn't sleep through the night...

Day 02 - Your first love

Natalia... I still remember how we used to walk around the kindergarten and talk about how we'll get married when we grow up

Day 03 - Your best friend

That would be Vegael, of course...

Day 04 - What you ate today

A nice dinner provided by a friend's wife that consisted of an assortment of cold vegetables, chicken and some chips... then I had beef fried rice... I think I like Chinese too much...

Day 05 - Your definition of love

Someone who was once close to my heart wished me to find love as sweet as a rose but with no thorns. To which I replied that love that is without pain or hardship is not worth working for...

Day 06 - Your day

It was Christmas Eve but due to my throat feeling utterly horrible and my body being generally weak, I took the advice of someone at work and spent the day in bed instead of going to the cinema. I did watch Public Enemies and Tekken though so not all was lost.

Day 07 - A quote that you live by

No Rest for the Wicked

Day 08 - What you wore today

a red shirt... yes, I'm a Red Shirt...

Day 09 - Your beliefs

Now this is a loaded question that is not easily described in mere few words. What is there to say about a person's beliefs? Like most people, I presume, my beliefs are many, varied and often contradictory. My psyche is a constant battleground where aspects embodying particular elements of my beliefs vie for control each and every second. They scheme, create alliances and back-stab each other at the first opportunity! Vicious... verily...

Day 10 - Another moment

A car drove up to the drive-through window I was at. Three girls missed the board with the microphone where we take orders and they were too cute for me to tell them to drive away. So I took their order for 6 meals, made them and they went off. The next car had this guy in a suit and an expensive car. He started shouting that this place is run by idiots seeing as the previous car wasn't told to wait in the car park until someone brings them their meals and that I can eat the ice cream he ordered (that was the only nice thing about him), then he said something that truly shook my very being... he said he would COMPLAIN... I thought I had died on the spot...

Day 11 - Your siblings

She is the Yin to my Yang... but lately she has been going to the Dark Side. She has found a fascination for vampires... but fear not gentle readers! For my dear sister has spoken of sparkling vampires as being not monstrous enough. Yes, in her mind, a vampire that is not monstrous is lame...

Also, I am apparently the only brother in the world who doesn't have a defensive instinct when it comes to potential mates for her. Seriously, why should I go about beating the crap out of her potential boyfriends when she does that by herself just fine?

Day 12 - The closest thing in reach

For the present moment that would be Samurai Prowl...

Day 13 - This week

I did think about one of my friends who I haven't spoken to in over half a year. Tried to get in touch with her but after a couple of months trying, I simply gave up. I suppose I thought about trying again but before I got to it, I got a phone call from her... it was really surprising...

Day 14 - Top 5 artists in your iPod

Since I have no music on my iPod, I don't have any artists on it either...

Day 15 - Your dreams

I'd like to save enough money to get on a teaching course and then get a job as a teacher. Then I'd like to spend the next 20 or so years saving up enough money to build a house for my parents so they can spend their retirement in peace.

Day 16 - Your first kiss

The day I finished high school, it so happened that my mum went to England to visit my dad. A few weeks before the day, I inadvertently told of this while talking to someone from class. The next thing I know, everyone was invited to a party at my place as if real life was imitating a badly written teen drama.

Strangely enough, I had more fun running around to make sure everyone has food and drinks than I usually have sitting at a party not doing anything. She arrived late, I thought she won't arrive at all. The funny thing is that I had a crush on her since I walked to the bus stop with her on our way back from school. I asked her out shortly after that but she said she didn't want to be in a relationship with someone from the same class. So I decided to wait until the end of high school but after it was decided that I'll be going to England to study, I thought against entering a relationship with someone who may not like the idea of long-distance ones.

Yet she did came to the party and stayed after everyone else left to help me clean. We talked and laughed and after we were finished she asked me if she can see my IELTS results. They were hanging above my bed so I took it off and sat down. I showed them to her while she sat next to me. Then she said she was getting tired, she leaned on me, I laid myself down on the sheets and she slowly climbed up to my face.

We kissed... a lot...

Day 17 - Your favourite memory this past year

That will have to be my trip to Belgium and the resulting gaming that was had. I still giggle whenever I remind myself of how Elohim tortured that poor chap, giving him one last chance to answer our questions. He screamed and Elohim simply asked "Is that your final answer?"... The scene where he cut a man in half to get to his love interest (yes, he sliced a man in half and walked between the falling pieces) that got an injury. So chivalrous, yet cruel.

Not to mention the resulting maiming my ear received for not keeping my mouth shut.

Day 18 - Your least favorite memory this past year

I don't even want to think about it. The whole ordeal was so bad, I couldn't fall asleep in my own room without locking the door. It took a couple of weeks for me to stop locking the door and still getting some sleep... well... as good as it can be considering my sleeping habits...

Day 19 - Something you regret

Going to university straight after high school. I should have gotten a job first, a space to live, saved up a bit and then gone to study while going part-time from full-time.

Day 20 - This month

I played a couple of games of Yu-Gi-Oh and bought a deck (Machina Mayhem) after years of not playing the game... which also resulted in me watching the Yu-Gi-Oh GX episodes that I have missed.

Other than that, decisions have been made to change a few things about life.
Plans have been set into motion and all that is needed now is time.

Day 21 - Another moment

The neighbour asked me why he has never seen me drink alcohol and that I am the first person he knows to refuse a drink.

Day 22 - Something that upsets you

Whenever someone throws away food. I suppose when I was little, we always put food away to the fridge and ate it later. Throwing away food was unthinkable to the extent that whenever I didn't want to eat something because I didn't like the taste... well, my parents got very angry... wasting food is just incredibly bad...

Day 23 - Something that makes you feel better

The Dark Side

Day 24 - Your wedding song

Chopin... definitely...

Day 25 - What you wore today

The skull I got from two very good friends from my time at the Linguistics course...

Day 26 - Your fears

Dogs... Even though my fear is not as bad as it used to be, I still feel like having a panic attack when I see a dog about to jump at me...

Day 27 - Your favorite place

That would have to be my grandfather's farm. Nothing but fields and woods around those few little building and fence. Peace and quiet at their greatest.

Day 28 - Something that you miss
Regret is not one of the emotions I'm particularly familiar with but if I must say so then yes, there is something I regret. I mainly regret that I didn't work for a year before going to university. Just finding a place to live and then a job to work at before starting the course and after the academic year starts, go part-time on it. In other words, I regret not doing the same thing as my friends... it might have had the result of not having the problems I had...

Day 29 - Your aspirations

Finish my degree, get into the teaching profession, write at least one book, learn a couple more languages, study some martial arts, learn how to dance, learn to play the violin... so many things to do... so little time...

Day 30 - One last moment

Had a very enjoyable time with a friend... of which details I will keep to myself...

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