Sunday, 3 January 2010

What were your New Year resolutions for 2009, and did you adhere to them?

Fortunately, I have written them down!

1. Be More of a Jerk

It went well... I think I managed to be less of a pushover, even though I'm still quite nice towards people. I still try not to let my concern about other people's feelings to stop me from being myself around strangers I should not care about.

2. Cease activity on the Polish side of the internet

Success! I stopped going to sites I really didn't like the community of. Keeping up with news, even when it's in a language I should read more of is never worth the stress.

3. Get a BA

Fail... This was a really bad year and I'm glad I still have a chance to get a proper education...

4. Learn some prayers

Fail... same reason as above...

5. Read More

While my mood throughout the year was bad enough I couldn't engage my mind into anything, I think I managed to read a bit more than last year...

6. Send some story to some magazines

I started doing the research, looking for magazines to send my story to... but then everything went downhill and I abandoned this too...

7. Start Jogging

As you might have guessed by now, this too is a Fail. After the shit hit the fan... eh...

8. Write Stuff

I tried... but found that my mind just isn't in anything other than despair over how things have become. So I focused on getting out of the mess instead.

Yep... I'm lame...

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