Monday, 25 August 2008

I Hit you with my Mighty Fist

Last week I had something interesting happen right next to the block I live in, close enough to see and hear everything from a window.

That way during the evening, a few hours after a football (I'm European, don't forget) match ended. There are these three guys who curse at anyone moving in their vicinity. I come up to the window to close it because they were getting too loud and I had enough fresh air in the room.

One guy came up to them and started cursing back. Threats were made, use of fists and knives mentioned, the two guys going at each other looked like angry roosters... I didn't have any popcorn.

After the verbal exchange, the guy (who wore a red jacket) went away. I was about to go back from the balcony when the guy came back... with friends.

It turned out, his friends were only an audience. The red jacket guy went up to those three guys and hit each one of them in the face. One guy wanted to challenge him and they started to go at each other the same way as before but with fists and leg work. After a while, the guy decided it wasn't a fight he'd win so he backed off and turns around. At that point, the red jacket guy grabs him from behind and throws to the ground. As he kicks the guy, the other two run away.

Seven or so kicks to the head/chest later, red jacket guy leaves. The guy lies on the ground and isn't moving. A few minutes later, his buddies came back for him, tried to wake him up but apparently decided it'd be better to just carry the unconscious block home... or somewhere...

Even my mom watched, we found it quite entertaining... aren't we sociopaths?

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