Sunday, 1 July 2007

This is I speaking!

Have you ever had this sort of day where you just couldn't be bothered doing anything at all? If yes, you should be familiar with how my life currently looks like. Since I was unable to find a job I just kept having most of my time spent on doing nothing... I can't even concentrate on writing, watching shows or reading, this is how bored I am... I'll try to escape from my confinement tomorrow.

For once in my life, I want to have a week without any relationship related stuff. I just noticed that most of my poems are just about love, and that begins to disgust me even more. I want to go out without seeing pairs strolling around, I want to read a book without a lovely relationship somewhere inside, I want to watch a series without people going at each other with raging hormones. I feel like my emotional part is dying out, which is bad as that is where my inspirations come from most of the time. Even posts to forum games become harder to come by, while normally I write with the speed of wind...

My sister plans on coming round here to England. I hope I won't be forced to look for a place to live in July, which I am slightly worried about, but of course I was told not to. This comes from the simple fact that a sign saying "auction" is right out the door-step of this house, but the landlord who said he will give loads of notice if he decides to sell the house did not call any of the people living here. Thus one can only hope for the best.

Dad is still nagging me about going back to Poland because I couldn't find a job and am not doing anything as such. What he fails to see is that when I'll be in Poland I won't be doing much either and hey, maybe when I'll come back I'll be homeless and have my stuff thrown out on the streets. It's just annoying how much you can say NO without any effect on those who ask. It's like years ago when parents asked Krzyś what he would like for dinner and gave him what they thought he would like without giving any consideration to what he actually said... annoying... really annoying... not only that, but he suggests for me to try working in the company from last year. Let's see, work in a place where you mostly hear insults thrown your way on and off work and live with your father likely to get mad at you for him not listening to what I am saying or stay here and eat a sandwich a day... I'll take the sandwich.

Anyway, he bought a Peugeot 2006 for mum.

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