Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Here be Update

My assignments & exams are done... thus my first year of university has ended.

Now I have to do the following:
1. Find a job -> I feel like Sisyphus in this matter
2. Survive -> This will be even harder... four months with no job, no education, no nothing.

This job hunt is getting me worried. If I'm inexperienced to hold a menial position, how am I supposed to find a more demanding job after I finish university?

I went shopping today, and the following will sound incredibly stupid considering I'm 20...
There is a lot of youth on the street. When I see the teenagers, I just think about my school years and remind myself how much time I spent either studying or pretending to study... to an extent, I always thought that's going to help me in the end, at least a lot more than for those who went out on party after party. But it's the other way around really... why? Because now I'll finish with education, find a job (hopefully), work, retire and die... I always thought it went: education -> job -> family -> retire -> die... but the family part begins way before education... most people I know are already planing marriage, and they're in the same year...

I suck at life...

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